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Protect your laptop's lid from dirt and scratches
....with 3M's removable vinyl skin.

Removable skin consists of a transparent, vinyl material, layered with 3M Corporation's patented adhesive. The skin also enables an optional way to install the CompUshade by providing a removable surface for attaching the Velcro strips needed for installation of the model # LAPTOP-UNV sun hood.   

You can easily customize your lid by inserting a photo during installation. When you are ready to change the photo, or when you want to remove the skin, simply peel it off and re-expose the "like-new" surface of your lid

Item # SKIN

[Skin installed over photograph]


Laptop Vinyl Skin Features

Made in U.S.A.

Universal, over-sized sheets to fit virtually any laptop, including 17 inch units.

2 Sheets cover a total of 18 inch x 11-3/8 inch surface area.

Transparent, tough vinyl material, is designed to be easily removable.

Ideal for mounting Velcro strips needed to install #LAPTOP-UNV sun hood.

Customize the appearance of your lid by covering your favorite photo.

Protects you lid from dirt and scratches.

Installation is Simple
Vinyl Skin Installation Instructions

Note that f
or ease of installation the skins are supplied as 2 separate “half” sheets (each 9 x 11-3/8 inches). Also supplied is a razor blade, useful for final trimming per step # 6.




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