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GLARE is PROBLEM #1 for viewing LCD screens!

     Our durable, one-piece sun hood fits virtually all portable GPS or built-in-dash navigation screens by bending into the shape you form. The universal model #GPS-UNV is 7 inches deep, providing a high degree of screen shading. Made of ultra-durable, flexible, polyethylene material, this sun-hood includes 3M's Dual-Lock fasteners for universal mounting, and easily snaps on/off. 

Model #GPS-UNV


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Shown on a 3-3/4 inch wide GPS unit

Shown on a 7 inch wide in-dash screen



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Universal size fits small portable GPS units 3-3/4 inches wide to large in-dash screens measuring up to 8-1/2 inches wide

Conforms to the shape you bend, enabling a custom fit for virtually any LCD screen
Ideal for GPS units, Fish-Finders, portable DVD players, and many small LCD applications

Snaps on/off using 3M's Dual-Lock fasteners (supplied with the unit)

Made of ultra-lightweight, and virtually indestructible polyethylene material that  will not crack or tear.

Forms a 7-inch deep viewing tunnel to reduce glare.

Made in U.S.A.


Benefits: Often, the bright environment in vehicles creates glare and screen wash-out, making GPS screens difficult to view. The CompUshade® blocks most of these visual impediments and increases apparent screen contrast, thereby greatly improving screen visibility. 

How it works: A one piece, pre-scored panel is easily bent into the required contour to fit your specific application.  The panel incorporates a perforated flange around the perimeter that can be bent at 90 degrees, if required, to form a mounting flange needed for some built-in-dash screens. The design and fabrication of this sunhood uniquely combines flexibility of use with high durability. The installed hood creates a 3-sided tunnel around the screen, approximately 7 inches deep.

The resulting tunnel blocks most light infiltrating around the top and sides of your screen. The sunhood is attached using 3M's Dual-Lock fasteners, provided with the unit, enabling you to easily snap the sun-hood on and off, and fold flat for storage.


Model # GPS-UNV shown being shaped using a straight-edge

Universal Fit: This unique, formable sunhood is designed for use with portable GPS units as small as 3-3/4 inches wide to large built-in screens up to 8 inches wide. Because of its flexible shaping ability you can create a "perfect" fit for most LCD screen units including GPS, Fish-Finder and DVD players.

Quality Materials: The sunhood is made of ultra-lightweight high density polyethylene, a durable, synthetic material that blocks 100% of light transmission.  The  pre-scores and holes in the unit are created in a manner that prevents  tearing, even after repeated  cycles of  folding/unfolding.

Specification: Weighs 2 oz. and measures 7 inches x 12 inches when flat. All components are black.

Customization: The above description is for model # GPS-UNV  however customization of size, color, and custom logo imprinting are available.

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