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Solve screen glare and privacy with CompUshade®


Rugged 1-piece design will not crack, tear or sag!
Model # DESKTOP-UNV fits virtually all 15-22 inch wide monitors.

.Model # megaDESKTOP-UNV fits virtually all 18-26 inch wide monitors, including many called "27 inch" by the manufacturer*.

.Both models are 11 inches deep to provide very effective glare control.



Model #DESKTOP-UNV is a universal, rugged one-piece hood that conforms its shape to fit virtually any 15-22 inch wide monitor.

Model #megaDESKTOP-UNV is a universal, rugged one-piece hood that conforms its shape to fit virtually any 18-26 inch wide monitor.

*Comment about Monitor Width: Monitor manufacturers often classify their models based on diagonal screen measurements which are greater than the actual width of the monitor. For example, the Apple Thunderbolt 27 inch display measures only 25.7 inches in housing width. Measure the housing width from edge-to-edge to determine the correct CompUshade model for your monitor.

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model # DESKTOP-UNV model # megaDESKTOP-UNV

DESKTOP series Monitor Hoods Features

Made of ultra-light, and virtually indestructible polyethylene material. Will not crack or tear!

One-piece design conforms to all styles of desktop monitors, flat screen or CRT

Attaches with pre-installed hook & loop fastener strips

model DESKTOP-UNV fits monitors 15-22 inch wide, megaDESKTOP-UNV fits 18-26 inch wide

Forms a 11-inch deep viewing tunnel to reduce glare and provide viewing privacy

Made in U.S.A.


Benefits: Computer monitors are frequently used in environments where glare makes screen viewing very difficult due to screen wash-out. The CompUshade® blocks most of these visual impediments and increases apparent screen contrast, thereby reducing eye-strain and helping to control Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS). The CompUshade® also helps to provide viewing privacy which is especially needed where sensitive or private information is viewed, including medical data.

How it works: This one-piece unit consists of a uniquely pre-formed pattern, with evenly spaced factory-made compression scores enabling expansion from 15 to 22 inches wide (18 to 26 inches for megaDESKTOP model), with mounting strips hinged along the top and side of the unit. The mounting strips are easily attached to the outside of your monitor housing along the top and sides, using factory-pre-positioned pressure-sensitive hook & loop strips (see sketch below). The unit forms a 3-sided tunnel around the screen, approximately 11 inches deep.

The resulting tunnel blocks most light infiltrating around the top and sides of your screen. The unit can be easily removed from your monitor.

2-Step Installation is Simple
(1) Attach the 3 pressure sensitive loop strips to your computer


(2) Mate the hood to your monitor by allowing the factory-pre-installed hook strips on the hood to engage the loop strips


Universal Fit: The unique, moldable design conforms to your monitor and enables width expansion from 15 to 22 inches for model DESKTOP-UNV (18 to 26 inches for model megaDESKTOP-UNV) ,to create a "perfect" fit for virtually all monitors, including flat screen LCDs and standard CRT screens.

Quality Materials: The unit is made of ultra lightweight High Density Polyethylene, a highly durable, synthetic material that blocks 100% of light transmission.

Specification: Single piece unit, weighs approximately 9 oz., available in black with attractive leatherette-type surface appearance.

Customization: The above description is for our standard DESKTOP model CompUshades® however customization of size, color, and custom logo imprinting, are available.



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