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SCREEN GLARE is PROBLEM #1 for iPad-mini use outdoors!

Our shade is permanently attached to a hard-molded case with a built-in hand strap, enabling you to securely hold your iPad-mini with one hand while viewing the shaded screen.

Model# StrapShade-iPADmini

fits models 2, 3 and the original mini

The adjustable-width hand strap swivels 360 degrees so you can position your iPad mini for the most comfortable viewing angle. 



The entire unit is one piece. Your iPad mini snaps into the hard-molded case designed to precisely fit the iPad mini. 

The camera has a non-obstructed view, while the shaded screen enables you to see the camera's view for great pictures. Ipad-mini ports and speakers remain accessible.

Folds in seconds while your ipad-mini remains installed.


image/jpeg Stows while folded on the back of your iPad-mini.



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Fits the original iPad-mini and iPad-mini models -2 and -3 .

Forms a 5-1/2 inch deep viewing tunnel to reduce glare.

No fasteners are required. You only need to install once by simply inserting your iPad-mini into the molded-fit case.

No assembly required. The hood, case and strap assembly are permanently pre-assembled as a one-piece unit.

The hood portion is made of polyethylene material and the case portion of hardened ABS. These materials are virtually indestructible and will not crack or tear!

The unit can be stowed while remaining installed on you iPad-mini, and folds onto the back side of you iPad-mini. 

The shade opens and locks into viewing position in seconds!



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