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3-in-1 Sunhood 

The only tablet accessory you'll ever need.

Model # SUNHOOD-iPAD fits all full size iPads




(1) Shades the screen to greatly enhance viewing comfort outdoors.


(2) Folds into a protective cover when not in use, or can be completely removed.


.(3) Enables easy touch-screen use with its extra-stable flip stand. The stand stows flat against the back of the hood when not needed.




Watch Demonstration:


Sunhood  Features


     Integral straps surround your iPad,  locking into position using built-in Velcro pads.  Nothing attaches to your iPad.


     Made of virtually indestructible polyethylene material. Will not crack or tear!


     All iPad controls and ports, including speakers and cameras, remain exposed for use.


     One-piece construction, so there is nothing to assemble and no parts to lose.


    If you own the iPad magnetic cover it can remain installed while using the hood or when the hood is closed as a protective cover.


     When not needed the built-in flip stand folds into a stowed position out of the way without interfering with hood use.





  • Creates a 7-1/2 inch deep tunnel, 9.5 wide x 7.0 high
  • Fits iPad1, 2, 3 and 4
  • Weighs only 7 ounces and folds to 1/8th inch thickness
  • Standard Color: Gray
  • Customization Available [for orders >25 units] click here





Made in U.S.A.


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Model # SUNHOOD-iPad
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